Breathe Fresh, Clean, Odourless Air.

A new product for an age-old problem.


    Purrfect Pet Products

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With a new product comes new excitement and a new market.

Purrfect Pet Products has been pioneering the way for Australian-Made pet products since 2006. Crafting amazing products with an amazing back-story, there was one issue with Pet ownership that needed to be dealt with; the smells that linger.

All of us who’ve had animals inside know what I’m talking about. Our four-legged best friends are awesome, however, with all that fur, comes smells. With accidents behind furniture, comes smells. Smells that are more often than not harder to get out than we’d care to admit.

The Odour Control range was developed to combat this using a scientific formula that actually breaks down the smell on a molecular level, making it impossible for the smell to return – ever.

Working with the business, logos, labels, packaging, and a brand story was created to allow the easy selling of the product into Australian chain super-markets. Using natural, muted colours with bold highlighted points, the feel of the brand is very direct, informative but not overpowering.

The eCommerce platform was enabled to facilitate sales during the current COVID-19 period, as the national retailers that the product will be stocked by have placed holds on the new stock until the crisis is over.

Expect to see the product on shelves by the end of the year, and remember, it’s pet odour, solved.

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