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eCommerce refresh, POS System Upgrade and Functionality Adds


    Bankstown Sound & Marine




    Currently Under Construction


    1st July, 2020

The who, the what, the why.

Bankstown Sound & Marine has enjoyed a fine reputation in the Car Audio industry for well over 10-years. Based in Bankstown, NSW – this business has been associated with some of the finest car builders in the country; most notably, Pac Performance. Over the years as eCommerce charged on, the business started to miss out on major growth opportunities in the sector.

Approached by the owner, Create Macarthur set out to change this. Building a standalone eCommerce system that provided all the services that the business had previously offered. In less than 8-months of operation, the eCommerce platform had delivered over half a million dollars in sales at an average RoAS of 1,700%.

With an enormous success rate and clear paths towards more revenue and profit for the business, it was clear that the in-store POS system and inventory tracking software (10+ years old) was not able to keep up with the extra demand online was placing on it.

The steady increase of visitors to the platform was also placing strain on the first iteration of the web-store. The decision was made to use the data of the past 8-months to create a new web-platform. A platform that would integrate seamlessly with the in-store POS System, as well as be able to handle the increasing demand from rising visitor numbers.

Integrating the eCommerce platform into the in-store software enables the end-to-end tracking of stock from the initial Purchase Order, through the sales process and out to the customer. Also adding the complete business reporting ability to effortlessly measure the success of marketing campaigns and sales initiatives through GMROI reporting.

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