Why NOW is the Perfect Time for Online Marketing.

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07/05/2020 Shaun

Why NOW is the Perfect Time for Online Marketing.

As we gathered together with friends and families on December 31st 2019, Australian’s had been through a lot, in fact, most residents of Macarthur were still going through a lot. Our area, our state, our seaboard was on fire. Things were tough – there was no way of knowing that it was about to get worse – so much worse.

Our economy was shrinking, the general public was saving more and paying off more debt. Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing. However, this was happening at the expense of them spending, consuming. In a Capitalism-based economy such as ours, that’s a bad thing. Week-on-week we were seeing big names in our shopping centres going into receivership, closing down sales were almost a norm.

Just when things seemed at their worst, someone ate a bat in a Chinese wet-market and the whole world stopped in its tracks. Over the following weeks, businesses shut and life as we knew it changed.

Going online is the answer.

As we saw as a result of the panic buying that then occurred, online and eCommerce exploded. This explosion in eCommerce purchases very literally sent the nations postal service into melt-down. A situation AusPost and others are still fighting to this day. No, more than ever, if you’re not online in force, your business is failing.

A combined approach of Social Media PPC (Pay per Click) advertisement with a solid Google AdWords campaign is what is currently separating the strong from the rest. Creative, “stop the scroll” marketing is making a strong push with new ads circulating daily that force the user to stop in their tracks, scroll back and look at what is being advertised!

How do you get there?

Now is the time to actually plan. You cannot get into online marketing right now unprepared. Doing so will result in many lost hours of sleep and more than a few wasted dollars. Work with a consultant or an agency that has true experience in Marketing.

Beware companies that sell on flashy numbers, promises of grandeur and instant results. I’ve lost count of the clients that I’ve had to work with to fix their mistakes. Look for a partner that not online understands the online aspect, but also the way you do business, your market, your ideal customer. This is sometimes more important!

You wouldn’t get an Amish person to sell TV’s

Be patient.

What results can you expect?

Being 100% honest, you’ll get out what you put in. There are a few things to look at when talking about the results of PPC campaigns, both through social media and through Google.

Are you setting up eCommerce right now?

If so, then your results will be less instant, but more built for the long-term. Setting up eCommerce that will last and that customers will have faith in does take a bit of time. There’s no such thing as good and quick in eCommerce building. Shortcuts are taken, processes are misunderstood, or plain overlooked. This will lead to nothing but problems moving forward. An eCommerce platform that will be worth your while needs to be created, not assembled – please, oh please, do not get your site made overseas for cheap. Your customers will know, your brand will suffer and your reputation might not survive.

You already have eCommerce.

Congratulations on making a great choice in the past! If you’ve got an eCommerce platform already, then it’s a little simpler. Ensure the performance of your site is the best it can be, the design makes sense and flows easily and your prices are great. Create Ad Copy that’s engaging, snappy and attention-grabbing, Ad Creative that forces the viewer to stop and look and you’ll be on your way to positive RoAS (Return on AdSpend).

eCommerce doesn’t make sense for your business, you need foot traffic.

Under the current situation, this can be a little more difficult with social distancing orders and the public’s general discomfort. We would suggest looking at going online. There aren’t many business models out there that require foot traffic in order to sell.

In this time of uncertainty, see if you can pivot how your business operates, see if you can run remotely and online.

What next?

Well, you can stop your search for a partner right here and give us a call! We have helped many brick and mortar businesses move over to digital and we’ve had great success. We work for Macarthur businesses first as we’ve got a passion for creating long-lasting platforms for your business success. Have a look at some of our previous work and we’d be happy to help you along your journey too!



Shaun is the Head Creative for Create:Macarthur. He has been working in Graphic Design for over 10-years and brings with him a wealth of Technology, Retail, Marketing and Business experience.